Meet Vegetarian chef, Erica Brown

Sōlfood is a love affair with healthy food and vegetarian cooking. From the growing of the seed to the serving on the table.

If you are interested in a healthier way of living and incorporating more vegetarian and fresh food in your diet. Meet Vegetarian chef, Erica Brown.

Join Erica on one of her vegetarian cooking courses and discover not only how to cook delicious, healthy vegetarian food but how to approach food, cooking and eating in a sustainable and holistic way.
Erica’s vegetarian cooking courses and demos are aimed at people who would like to learn to cook healthy, delicious vegetarian food bursting with flavour, colour and texture while using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients.

Much more than a simple cooking course. Her courses cover :

  • Food in the context of your whole lifestyle.
  • Factors, other than food that are essential for good health and well being.
  • Using delicious, wholesome, seasonal, locally sourced home-made vegetarian food in place of meat and convenient foods.
  • Awareness of how food is produced.
  • Taking responsibility for what we buy, cook and eat in terms of planetary sustainability.
  • Looking at the carbon footprint of eating non local and out of season food.
  • Living in harmony with the earth and learning about the connection between food, our bodies and the planet.

Sōlfood is about food; seasonal, fresh, healthy and naturally grown.

Teaching people how to make use of healthy ingredients is the one driving force of Erica`s. “Everyone can make small changes to their lives and this will have enormous benefits for their health and the planet. “

Erica offers vegetarian cooking classes that are practical and easy to implement into ones life and family. Create a love affair with vegetables and wholegrain foods by learning how to make veggies and grains taste great.

Erica`s ethos is really about seeing life, what we do, what we eat and what we think as a whole and it is in these balances we are able to make more mindful choices, healthy eating choices and make better sustainability and educational choices for the greater good of all.

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